Highly reliable 3D printer for professional use

Robustness on all sides

The design of the structure and the single-piece 100% aluminium manufacturing technology guarantees its robustness and is responsible for completely eliminating the vibrations of the direct extrusion head allowing a better operation even at high printing speeds.
On the other hand, all elements of the Printersys Series 3 such as the control panel and advanced usage features such as auto power off have been designed to facilitate the use of 3D printing in industrial and innovation environments.

3D Printer Size

As big as your designs

With Printersys Series 3 printers you can print parts regardless of size as they are custom designed with sizes up to 500 x 500 mm and a height of 500 mm. This way not only will you be able to print larger pieces but also your prototypes will be at full size.

Control Panel

All the features you need,

and the ones you don’t expect

Automatic loading and unloading of the filament

Preventing the user from making mistakes when loading or unloading the printing filament

Total Silence

The Total Silence function controls the fundamental parameters of the machine by switching off the elements that generate noise when they are not needed.

Auto Shutdown

The automatic switch-off function ensures that the printer is switched off in a controlled manner when printing is complete.

Precision – Core XY

The best results,
layer after layer…

The new range of Printersys 3D printers features Core XY control, exponentially increasing the accuracy of the print contours, as each movement is managed simultaneously by 2 motors, and by fixing the motors to the structure instead of placing them on the mobile rail, higher print speeds are achieved.
That’s why there’s nothing like your Printersys.

Flexible printing

A very robust extrusor,

for very flexible parts.

The head of all 3D Printersys printers guarantees impeccable printing of flexible parts, because thanks to the design of the head and extruder, with Printersys, printing flexible parts is as simple as printing models with rigid filament. See gallery of printed models.

Ease of use

When everything is so easy,

nothing is impossible

Wi-Fi Conection

3D printer ready for a wireless world

The entire range of 3D Printersys printers is designed to make your daily work as easy as possible. That’s why we wanted to equip them with Wi-Fi connection so that you can send pieces to be printed, access the printing status, view through webcam printing and control all printing parameters. To make it easier for you, we have made it possible for you to do all this from any device.
Anywhere. Any time.

Cloud Printer System

A revolution

on how to use your Printersys

With our Cloud System Printer you will be able to access all the control of your machine through any device, so that wherever you are, you can at all times control the printing process, such as, for example, visualize the state of the print (includes webcam), printing times, etc …

                              Ver vídeo sobre Cloud Printer System